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La semana que viene, nuevo Gabinete de Crisis de Ficciones Políticas, dentro del programa del Master’s of Science in Architecture, en la UIC School of Architecture. Gracias Florencia Rodíguez por la invitación. Del 1-5 de noviembre.

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Next week, new Cabinet of Crisis of Political Fictions, within the Master's of Science in Architecture program, at the UIC School of Architecture. Thanks Florencia Rodíguez for the invitation. From 1-5 November.


Dear XXXX:

We are writing to you to request your invaluable assistance in the extreme situation in which we find ourselves.

Although it might seem like a normal day, we are facing a critical moment. Our intelligence agencies just informed us that they have hard evidence that the end of the world has already started.

A Crisis Cabinet has been convened to face this radical challenge. Operation A.H.A.H.! is launched. If you are reading this message, it is because you have been called upon as an architectural expert to join a Crisis Cabinet that will assess the situation and organize the time we have left to live.

The Crisis Cabinet will meet between November 1st - 5th, 2022 in Chicago to assess the dangers, evaluate the risks, and try to elucidate the best options under the circumstances. On November 5th, the Cabinet will present its report of findings to a panel of experts. 

Which world is ending? Is it the whole planet? A specific civilization? Nature? Also, whose world is coming to an end? Humanity’s? All living beings’? How are we to face this complex scenario? What role does architecture play in the context of an eventual end of the world? Could architecture be considered the cause of the collapse? Can architecture be part of the solution until the situation is redressed? Can architecture provide a safe shelter? Is architecture the scenario in which the apocalypse will occur? These and other questions will be addressed in this series of meetings.

We hope you understand the seriousness of the situation. We hope we can count on your participation in the Crisis Cabinet. We are sure that your contribution will be crucial. Please maintain the utmost discretion and do not share this information with anyone. National security, and that of the entire planet, is at risk.

You will soon receive further instructions. Once you have read this letter, please destroy it.

Yours sincerely,


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