elii [oficina de arquitectura]


047 · star warehouse

Domesticity in Outer Space


Two houses in outer space and one on the moon

The artist Alicia Framis commissions elii the design of a series of living spaces to reflect on domestic conditions in outer space. Superfluous and infraordinary domestic situations of daily life are considered in these new conditions; those superfluous things that, nevertheless, become essential to inhabit a space. In each of the projects, some of the most frequently highlighted categories in the newspapers real estate ads are translated to outer spaces. Therefore, concepts such as “a room with a view” (to the moon) or “extensive storage” for the accumulation of useless objects (in zero gravity conditions) are tested. Also situations like taking a nap (when the bodies float and there are no differences between floor and walls) or an aerobics workout class watching the TV are also planned.

In space, as on Earth, everyday life invents itself.


1. STAR WAR DROBE. In outer space there are no hangers because hangers work by gravity, so how do we store our objects in outer space? Where do we store all the things we teleshop? The disorder in a house without gravity is nothing but hundreds of floating objects, a mess where it is difficult to find any thing. The Star War Drobe Unit is organized with sushi-bar tapes that crossing in the space. The inner mobile side collects shows to its users a parade of objects and items moving along the band. On the exterior and static side of the tapes, curves to form the ergonomic enclosures of the private living spaces, such as the rest or work areas, which are included between the bands and the exterior enclosure. Each of the tapes is specialized in a different type of household activity, such as caring for the body, eating, storing, resting, etc. Domestic situations arise from the crossings between the programmatic bands. To change the layout of the house, you only need to activate the tapes by remote control, until you find the correct position. Thanks to the system of the Star War Drobe Unit you will not only keep tidy your home in space, but you will be able to configure it according to your needs.

2. STAR WATCH. Do aerobics while you contemplate the views of the moon. That is the goal of the Star Watch Unit. But, how is an aerobic session on the moon, where gravity is almost 6 times lower than on earth? Where a jump during a workout session can make you reach a very high altitude? The Star Watch Unit is dimensioned according to two scalar criteria that allow the adaptation of the house to the lunar standards. On the one hand, the scale of aerobics: its spacious living room of almost 11m free height allows you to exercise sports while watching TV. On the other hand, the lunar landscape scale: a vault built with graduated periscopes with different zooms (x1, x2, x10, x10,000, etc.) brings the surrounding landscape to the room and allows the inhabitant to enjoy the views of outer space in its 360º. Frames of landscape that remain suspended within reach of a small jump. It is a space of ‘rear windows’ to contemplate simultaneously different galactic landscapes.

3. STAR WALL PAPER. In space there are no beds because the beds work by gravity. So how do you take a nap in outer space? Some testimonies of astronauts relate the anguish experienced when waking up floating for hours in a vacuum of absolute darkness, until they found a reference to cling to. The Star Wall Paper Unit is designed according to an anthropomorphic scale, so you can rest floating free in any corner of the house. The basic unit is formed by 8 connected spaces and can be extended by connecting other units and thus forming an urbanization. The domestic units are organized through inflatable devices that allow different domestic configurations: we can collect all the divisions and have a party with friends or lock ourselves in our room to rest after a hard day’s mission. As in space there is no floor, ceiling or walls, the enclosure of the Star Wall Paper Unit is a continuous envelope finished in a wallpaper. The wall paper may be easily removed to redecorate the house.

  • Architects:
  • elii - Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios
  • Team:
  • Enrico Forestieri, Ana López Sánchez-Vegazo, Blanca Macarrón Jaqueti
  • Artist:
  • Alicia Framis
  • Models:
  • elii
  • Date:
  • 2008
  • Location:
  • Outer Space and Surface of the Moon