elii [oficina de arquitectura]



Single House + Guest House + Agricultural Workshop


Selecta Home housing competition, Collado de la Vera

Skyler House is a home for a couple ‘escaping’ from the city. It brings together all the wishes of its future inhabitants: a large terrace, shady in summer but sunny in winter, a living room connected to a courtyard, a bedroom with a view, a light-filled library, etc. The proposal brings this wishlist to life, and it activates and intensifies the conditions of this place through architecture.

Main household. It is configured around a courtyard, which creates the architectural conditions necessary to maximise the activation of the space and to interact with it. Both pavilions, with an E-W heading, are the hub for the main functions: one is in direct contact with the terrain and houses the kitchen with a view and the living room-dining room with access to the courtyard, while the second, raised, pavilion dominates the view and includes the office and the main bedroom, the bathroom and the terrace. Both pavilions are interconnected through the library-living room, which receives light from the north through its skylight. The two units regulate the sunlight and the shade so that the plot can be enjoyed. In the background, facing south, lies the valley. To the north, the imposing view of the Gredos mountains towers over everything.

Guest pavilion and workshop. The guest pavilion and the workshop are built upon the ruins of an old farmhouse in the southern section of the plot. Two units rise up from the old stone wall. The first one is the guest house, which gazes at the view of the plot from the terrace. The guest pavilion has three bedrooms: one at the top, in relation with the terrace. The other two, half-buried, are protected by the wall. The bulk of the workshop faces the main household and receives light from the north, which is ideal for work. Both units are linked by a courtyard that is used as a rest area or outdoor work space for the workshop. The courtyard is bounded by a wooden palisade. This strategy is mindful of the ruins while at the same time integrating a new structure that is adapted to the new programme.

Materials. The bioclimatic study reveals that the structures require systems with high thermal inertia. The main household is built with thermal clay blocks. The roofs are built with flat tiles and solar panels (upper pavilion), plant cover (lower pavilion) and a skylight (library). Openings in the corners enhance the feeling of spaciousness within the rooms and provide breathtaking views of the landscape. There are also shutters that help control the sunlight. The courtyard is protected from the west by a trellis that partly masks the view. A small fountain and pond cool the atmosphere in summer. A reservoir collects rainwater so it can be reused in the house, together with the grey water.

The outer facades of the guest pavilion and the workshop are made of wood, whereas the inner facades, those overlooking the courtyard, are made of thermal clay, thus establishing a visual connection with the other house.


Single House + Guest House + Agricultural Workshop

  • Architects:
  • elii - Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios
  • Team:
  • Pedro P. García, Ruth Blanco, Wladimir Pulupa
  • Developer:
  • Selecta Home
  • Area: 
  • Vivienda principal: 205,60m2
  • Vivienda invitados: 134,78m2
  • Date:
  • 2015
  • Location:
  • Collado de la Vera, Cáceres