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Believe or not...

Maria Jerez - Alma de Rimel ] The Glammatics - PNEU 2016


Portable theatrical set for María Jerez

The Glammatics are posed on a golden reflective surface onstage, accompanying Alma de Rimel and deploys this in its ‘spikey’ forms and its surfaces of mirror, velvet, leopard, fake marble, fluorescent tube, red leather, plastic, glitter, golden lacquer, air and pink steel.

The commission arose in 2015 after the invitation of the Commissioner and Art Critic Iván López Munuera, for the 'The Dark Side of the Party' inauguration, within the festival C+Arquitectos. Since then, The Glammatics has been touring with 'Alma the Rimel’ in their concerts.

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1. Unmentionable. The idea of the piece is to activate a concert from unknown. The Glammatics absorb 'Alma the Rimel’s’ aesthetics and deploys it in some “difficult to name” elements.

2. Glam. A glam concert is not only listened to, it is also looked at and touched. Glam is, in itself, a synaesthesial proposal.

3. Synaesthesia. Objects that sound, but they do not sound to what they should sound, instruments that do not do what they seem to do, a concert enabled with birthday cards, sprays, lipstick-fingers and some spikey objects and sexy materials which accompanies Alma the Rimel onstage.

4. Scale. The Glammatics are neither large nor small. They configure a system of relations in which the rest of Alma the Rimel’s elements assembles with.

5. Jigsaw. The Glammatics fit together defining a trunk-puzzle. In its interior it holds/accommodates the rest of the set objects, during displacement/removals.

  • Architects:
  • elii - Uriel Fogué + Eva Gil + Carlos Palacios
  • Team:
  • elii - Ana López + Claire Laborde 
  • Alma de Rímel: María Jerez
  • Curator: Iván López Munuera
  • Photography:
  • Imagen Subliminal (, © SZENE Salzburg/Bernhard Müller and elii
  • Size:
  • 30m2, 0,6m3 (folded)
  • Date:
  • 2015
  • Location:
  • Murcia, Salzburgo, Viena…