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Architecture Light Embassy


Pavilion for the “Architecture Beyond Now” exhibition of the Universidad Europea de Madrid in Centro-Centro, Madrid

Architecture Beyond Now. A year ago the Universidad Europea de Madrid launched this theme for its students to study: what will architecture be in the future? How to build the new world starting now? How do we organize the contexts in other possible ways? The body of work presented here is the result of a year of reflections, projects, discussions and assessments around this question; that brings to our present a space built by Architecture Beyond Now.

ALE (Architecture Light Embassy) The exhibition is divided into two transversal spaces. On the one hand, a set of answers where, from different perspectives, subjects and disciplines, the problem is addressed. Overall, an organized set of replicas, that build an inmaterial production of projects, drawings and models, which have joined in a virtual space: a blog that collates the proposals resulting from the students’ assessment of this brief.

On the other hand, a meeting point, located between the immaterial space of knowledge and the physical experience of the body: an embassy between the two environments, configured by a device that provides access to the space of the projects, trials and tests, while at the same time allowing the visitor to reflect and evaluate the information produced during this period. The public is invited to enter a unique space that incites discovering their inner self, to walk between the light beams that project the information and be enveloped by fleeting images that offer possible frameworks for reflection.

The university is the space for training, innovation, management and the archiving of knowledge. But also for socialising ideas. For this it is necessary to build meeting points with society. The first ALE space is located on the Internet. The second, in one of the most vital cultural spaces in the city: the CentroCentro space. Between these two overexposed spaces, Architecture Beyond Now will be built.

Welcome to the Architecture Light Embassy.

Madrid, July 2014, Langarita-Navarro + Elii

M. Langarita, V. Navarro, U. Fogué, E. Gil, C. Palacios


Architecture Light Embassy

1. Cruce de espacios. The project materialises at the crossroads of the virtual space for knowledge (university), the virtual space for archived knowledge (blog) and the physical space for encounters (pavilion).

2. Crossover of projects. The geometry of the pavilion arises from the crossover of the projects: the projects and materials prepared by the students are projected on supported surfaces within the exhibition hall. The space of the pavilion envelops the projected projects.

3. Inside and outside. The open body of the ALE attracts the attention of the visitors in the Centro-Centro and encourages them to walk in, look around or sit down on the specially-designed furniture.

4. Possible futures. ALE is a small multi-purpose pavilion. It can be used for anything from projections to encounters. Its ephemeral design makes for easy dismantling and recycling. Nevertheless, upon a request from the institution, it shall remain within Centro-Centro after the exhibition, available to the Madrid council for future programmes.

  • Architects: 
  • elii - Uriel Fogué, Eva Gil, Carlos Palacios
  • lna- Víctor Navarro, María Langarita
  • Team:
  • Pedro Pablo García, Nadia Sousa, Víctor Nouman, Félix Hortal
  • Developer:
  • Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Construction:
  • Alfredo Merino Caldas
  • Fotography and video:
  • Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero
  • Area:
  • 75,00 m2
  • Date:
  • 2014
  • Location:
  • Palacio de Cibeles, Centro Centro, Madrid