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106 · oki Complete makeover for home and office   ABSTRACT* Finalist Premios Cerámica Arquitectura Interiorismo ASCER 2019 (Asociación de Fabricantes de Azulejos y Pavimentos Cerámicos). Complete makeover for home and office The project involves the complete rehabbing of a flat in the southwest of Madrid. A young person decides to renovate the family home where he grew up and lived for many years to turn it into his new home and professional office. The project starts off with a review of memories, experiences and life lessons, to rethink the present and imagine a future for this new stage of life. The challenge lies in designing a space that facilitates, accelerates and accompanies this process; to devise a sort of home catalyst, located in the heart of a residential building in the neighborhood of Las Aguilas in the district of La Latina. The first step consists of reprogramming the pre-existing dwelling: a flat loaded with memory, built in the seventies of the last century reflecting a generic typological scheme based on standardized domestic criteria. Accordingly, there is an open central space semicircular in shape, around which the rest of the rooms orbit. This provides a flexible scheme that fosters cross […]
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