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Ephemeral architecture #feriaconstrutec04

005 · STAND COAM Air Quality Policies   ABSTRACTStand for the College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), Construtec Fair 04 *First Prize. Competition, 2004. Completed *FAD Opinion Award. 2005 *Award of the Official College of Architects of Madrid “A la Obra bien hecha”. 2006 In 2004, the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM) issued a tender for the design of its stand for the Construtec ‘04 business fair. The presence of COAM in this sort of business fairs is merely representative, as, given its nature as a Professional College or Association, it does not sell construction products, dealing only in information. Elii’s winning bid designed a room that served as a meeting point for architects. The stand was defined as an inside space, a drawing room to receive visits, a room presenting visitors with the best Architecture has to offer: a spatial experience. The Project makes the most of the pavilion’s artificial lighting and defines its space by means of a play on lights. The stand is made up of a single element, artificial light: the space is developed between two fibre optic surfaces which absorb the functions and adapt to the program required by the institution, creating a […]
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